Saturday, May 13, 2017

God is Good

Sometimes I cringe at these words. Is it because I don't think God is good? No

I cringe because it is too often used when things in life look good in our own estimation.

When the test results are good, when the house sells, when the job comes through, when the cancer is gone. I could definitely go on.

But the reality is that God doesn't change. Being good is part of Who He Is.

I could have had a 3rd child in Mother's day pictures this year, but God is still good.

My youngest son could have walked this year, but instead, he rode on a carousel for the first time. God is still good.

We could have bought a house 9 years ago and been living there all these years never moving and having anything change, but since God is good, and that did not happen, we know that what did happen was best.

We make choices, but God is in control of all things, as we trust Him, acknowledge Him, and follow Him and His Word in life.

Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work for our ultimate good - this means the good that glorifies God.

I appreciate some of my dad's posts on Facebook, because he ends his post with God is Good no matter how hard a day he mentioned having. It's true. God is good on our worst and best days. It is just easier to remember when things go how we desire them to go.

I think of the song written to music by Jonathan Hamilton 4 years ago before his passing - "God is always good - Only good."

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  1. This was really good Stephanie! Thank you for sharing! And yes! God is always good, no matter the circumstances!
    ~Charity Berkey