Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Fear-Faith Cycle

If we look back, the fear-faith cycle has been around since that first sin.

The first sin began with a doubt inplanted by Satan: "Hath God said?"

More fear followed with the realization of their sinfulness, and from then on it would continue through today.

The story of the miracle of Peter walking on water, demonstrates the fear-faith cycle very well.

Matthew 14-

It had been a big day for the disciples and Jesus. They had fed 5,000 + people with two fish and five loaves of bread! They picked up twelve full baskets of food after that were left. One would think the faith of the disciples would be pretty strong at this point. Maybe it was, but just like us, our faith can be sky high in one moment and sinking to the bottom of the sea at the next.

After this busy day, Jesus desired time to pray, so He sent the disciples to go ahead of him in the boat. We don't know what Jesus prayed to His Father about. Maybe they were talking about how to make the disciples grow in their faith. God is in charge of the winds and weather, after all. In the midst of the storm that the disciples encountered, Jesus came to them. Their first response was fear as I'm sure most of ours would be if we saw someone walking on water, but they did know Jesus, so maybe it should not have been so unexpected. They had just seen him feed 5,000 + people the day before!

Jesus tells them to be courageous and not to fear. Peter's response is interesting to me. He addresses Him as "Lord," yet he still asks for a sign that it truly is Jesus. Peter knew in his heart that it was Jesus, but He was afraid it wasn't, but then Peter jumps out of the boat. That takes a lot of faith! But then, even as he was walking on water, he becomes afraid when he sees how the wind is making the water so tumultuous. Losing faith in the Lord in that moment, and in the next, he calls out to the Lord to save Him, and Jesus immediately saves him, responding with the well-known statement - ye of little faith, why did you doubt?

Why did he doubt? He had just seen Jesus feed 5,000 + people with 2 loaves of bread and 5  fish! Then he saw Jesus walk on the water. Then he walked on the water himself!

The fear-faith cycle is illogical. If we could just remember our faith and in whom we have faith, we would not need to fear, but we don't do it. It's a sin that easily besets me and many others. Ask Christ today to help you in your unbelief, try to remember the works that Jesus has done, so that you can stop the cycle.

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