Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Martha, Martha" not Just for Type A People

I do not have a type A personality. There is that moment before an event or big meal where I get that surge of adrenaline, but I am not the work until you drop type person. Some would say that's good and others not, but that's not the focus here.

For years I have never applied Luke 10:41 to myself. The setting is a visit at the home of Mary and Martha. Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus. Martha is rushing around getting things done for his visit, and she asks Jesus to make Mary come and help. His answer is this: "Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things." He then goes on in the next verse to say that Mary has chosen the better thing - to sit at His feet and worship Him.

Now the context is that of someone being worried so much with serving Jesus that they never sit down and spend time with Him. The truth however extends further.

Even though I would not call myself a workaholic, I do tend toward being worried and anxious about many things. This verse actually came to mind today while I was doing the dishes, but it came to mind because my mind was full of various worries. I was careful and troubled.

The Bible says that all scripture is profitable for each of us. This is just another verse to remind me to spend my time looking to Jesus rather than worrying about life.

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