Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Stayed Life

The stayed life is one that trusts in the character and attributes of God in so much that his own trials, fears, and needs become insignificant in the light of the knowledge of God.

The stayed life, then is one of complete rest in the sovereignty of God.

The stayed life is one of everlasting strength from God. Our eternal God is truly our refuge where under Him are everlasting arms of strength and comfort (from Deut. 33:27).

The stayed mind is not troubled at the thought of earthly loss or death because it is gripped with the unrelenting knowledge of God who is eternal and who is preparing an eternal home for all those who believe in Jesus as Savior.

We must, as the hymn, "Like a River Glorious," states: be stayed upon Jehovah in order to find the promised peace and rest from God.

The stayed life is one of humble prayer. The one who is stayed on God knows that their own flesh prohibits them from knowing how to pray, yet they do so, and in doing so they are assisted by the Spirit who then, with God, works all things for their ultimate spiritual good and for the glorification of God in their life.

The stayed life knows that in order to truly glorify God, he must suffer like Christ so that he can be a joint heir with Christ.

The stayed life loves the eternal God - loves eternity. He is stayed on heavenly things - not this earth. Earthly pain is difficult, but being stayed on who God is keeps him in perfect peace.

Isaiah 26: 2-3
Deut. 33:27
John 14:1
Romans 8

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