Monday, April 11, 2016

Made for the More in Front of You

It hit me the other day as my desires were drawing me toward doing things that I excel at that those traits should make me into a good homemaker rather than something that seems well known or ambitious, yet my home is so often neglected. Creativity should make me a great mother and wife, and yet I'm so often selfish with my time. So often my desire is for more, yet the more is all around me.

Our sin nature strives to change the truth of who we are in Christ making us think that who God made us is not enough.

Our sin nature can throw us for a loop. It can lead us toward anxiety and depression, but the reason we fall into those sins is because we are not living our calling as wives and mothers. We sit and plan our home rather than actually living it. We pin our dreams and activities while our families eat the same meals as always or watch tv rather than do the creative thing I just pinned.

I long for fellowship, but I often run from it. I look forward to alone time, but then I find myself lonely. What we long for is not who we are when what we long for is not drawing us to Christ. Sometimes what we long for will end up simply being as Solomon said, "vanity." Our identity is in Christ. As a Christian, He is our identity. We don't need anymore.

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