Monday, May 18, 2015

The End of Our Faith (I Peter 1:9)

When we cannot see
The path set before.
The darkness
Hides the day.
On the darkest path -
The bumpy road,
Faith will lead the way.

When we cannot see
The light of day-
His Word and Spirit,
They will light our way.
We have the light of life
By our side today.

On the rough road,
He holds our hands.
By faith we walk
This earthly path-
Until we reach
The Promised land.

Then we will see-
What no one could.
The salvation of our souls-
Our fleshly selves dissolved.
The sins that hold us back today-
Will no more have their hold.

And there we will stand
Restored - forgiven.
May all who see our lives today-
See the truth that holds-
The end of our faith
Is better than the beginning.

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