Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glorify Today

The One who created all
The earth, the skies, the sea
He knew before my birth
The plan He had for me.

From the water that covered the earth,
The mountains that He made.
The purpose He had then -
Is the same He has today.

Glorify My name.
Show forth My praise.
That is Your mission -
From your birth to the grave.
Glorify by living -
The life I lead you to.
Glorify by dying
A death that points to me.

In the suffering of Job
The sorrow of David.
Each story that He tells
Has one glorious goal.

In the plagues of Egypt
With the death of first born sons.
Each of these great Histories
Point to just One.

Glorify My name.
Show forth My praise
That is the mission
Of My Word in you today.
Glorify by telling.
These stories I have told
Each one with a purpose
You may never behold.

One thing we will behold
That will be His face.
When all things past and present
Come together by His grace.
In Heaven's glory
We will glorify.
On streets of gold
Where we no longer die.

We will Glorify His name
Show forth His praise.
That will be our forever mission
No more sin - no mistakes.]
But glorify today.
Imperfect it may be.
It is still the mission
He has for me.

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