Friday, May 22, 2015

Back Seat Driving

I've often been guilty of back seat driving. Even if I used no words (which I usually do), the white knuckle grip and right foot on the imaginary brake said it all.

I also find that spiritually I'm a back seat driver.

God is the one who is driving our lives. He has the wheel, the brake, and the GPS. He is the one in control. So often though I sit in the back seat or passenger seat worrying about the job He is doing. Fretting about the things ahead or the problem that we "just" missed. Meditating on all of the things that are out of my hands.

Instead, I could be resting. In life, I've learned it is the better way. Let my husband drive, take care of the boys, and rest. With him, I also check once in a while to make sure he's not sleepy.

With God, we never need to check on Him. He does like us to talk to Him. We can share our concerns about the road ahead but then leave it with Him. He wants to do the driving. He is the one who has the best perspective. He is trustworthy.

Don't be a back seat driver in your spiritual life.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The End of Our Faith (I Peter 1:9)

When we cannot see
The path set before.
The darkness
Hides the day.
On the darkest path -
The bumpy road,
Faith will lead the way.

When we cannot see
The light of day-
His Word and Spirit,
They will light our way.
We have the light of life
By our side today.

On the rough road,
He holds our hands.
By faith we walk
This earthly path-
Until we reach
The Promised land.

Then we will see-
What no one could.
The salvation of our souls-
Our fleshly selves dissolved.
The sins that hold us back today-
Will no more have their hold.

And there we will stand
Restored - forgiven.
May all who see our lives today-
See the truth that holds-
The end of our faith
Is better than the beginning.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glorify Today

The One who created all
The earth, the skies, the sea
He knew before my birth
The plan He had for me.

From the water that covered the earth,
The mountains that He made.
The purpose He had then -
Is the same He has today.

Glorify My name.
Show forth My praise.
That is Your mission -
From your birth to the grave.
Glorify by living -
The life I lead you to.
Glorify by dying
A death that points to me.

In the suffering of Job
The sorrow of David.
Each story that He tells
Has one glorious goal.

In the plagues of Egypt
With the death of first born sons.
Each of these great Histories
Point to just One.

Glorify My name.
Show forth My praise
That is the mission
Of My Word in you today.
Glorify by telling.
These stories I have told
Each one with a purpose
You may never behold.

One thing we will behold
That will be His face.
When all things past and present
Come together by His grace.
In Heaven's glory
We will glorify.
On streets of gold
Where we no longer die.

We will Glorify His name
Show forth His praise.
That will be our forever mission
No more sin - no mistakes.]
But glorify today.
Imperfect it may be.
It is still the mission
He has for me.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Never Knew You

I came for you.
My, gift-my lifeblood.
I died for you.
Destroying sin.
Dying and rising
My mercy and grace-
The gift from my Father
Is yours to embrace.

"I never knew you"
May these never be
Words I speak to thee.
I never knew you.
You never knew me.
It's not the words you say.
It's not the prayers you pray.
It's really all about -
What I did for you that day.

I came for you.
So come to me.
The weight you carry
Is not meant to be.
Trust my blood shed
Trust that I'm no longer dead.
Lean on me-
From sin you will be free.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Birthday Moments

I recently read a blog about how to handle birthdays when your child has special needs. It was a good read. It is difficult to know how to handle a birthday when your child does not seem to really care. Our son is deaf (likely) and delayed as well as tube fed. Cake and ice cream do not mean much to him. He cannot open presents, and if he does, he probably will refuse to touch them other than to push them away due to sensory issues. I did buy him two toys. They light up, and I think he will enjoy looking at them.

It's difficult, because birthdays are not really about anyone but the one who is having the birthday usually, and if they do not care, should we? This year, we had cake, and we did it for Trenton's sibling. For a 5 year old, birthdays are a big deal, and he wanted to experience Trenton's birthday. I was happy with the outcome. Trenton liked the lit candle, and my 5 year old enjoyed blowing it out for him.

I have a sweet picture to remember Trenton's 3rd birthday. Eventually, I hope that he will care. For now, we will do something every year if not just for his brother.

For us, unfortunately birthdays can bring back a time that was very difficult. It can remind us that he is not where other 3 year olds are when it comes to milestones or really anything. It's a faith-testing day as we have to remember that all of this is for a reason even though we wish that Trenton could do the things that other 3 year olds do and enjoy his birthday.

I was thankful though that this year, Trenton looked at the candle. He was able to sit up in his special chair and enjoy that moment. His sickness from last week ended - an answer to prayer. It's the moments that matter, I suppose. If we look back or forward to much with our children with special needs, we could get discouraged, but God gives us mercy and grace in each moment, positive or not.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Do me a Favor

Do me a favor-
Lend me your ears
Do me a favor-
Comfort my fears
What were the chances
I would not hear?
Do me a favor
Always be near.

Do me a favor-
Help them to see
I'm just like them.
I may not hear or speak
But I speak to you-
With smiles and tears
Wiggles and even jeers.
My actions speak louder than words.

Do me a favor-
Listen with your eyes.
Love me with your heart.
God made me with a purpose
I have a part.
Do me a favor.
Lend me your voice
Speak out for me.
Give me a choice.


Brings us to our knees.
With humility - hope renewed .
We now can see-
His mercy holds us,
Compassion fails not.
New every morning-
We can go on living.

One day at a time,
Each moment it takes-
To hold on to the promises
The promises He makes.

Recalling, the pain.
Rejoicing in the hope-
That all will soon be plain.
His mercy holds us.
Compassion fails not
New every morning
We can run the race

One day at a time,
Each moment it takes-
To hold on to the promises
The promises He makes.

The race is not for winning.
The race is to the finish-
Finish strong in Him.
His mercy holds us.
Compassion fails not.
New every morning
We can finish strong.