Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Mountain

Another mountain, stands before me.
Another hurdle blocks my way.
Where the future seemed so great-
Now rocks - have tumbled and quaked.

Where is God in this?
What is His plan? 
His way is perfect, this I know,
But my mind is mounting an attack- on my soul.

This mountain, it's different.
I want to reach the top.
I hear the voices of angels
of those who went before.

Why am I here?
What is His plan?
His way is perfect, this I know,
But now I'm vying for control.

The voice that shook the heavens.
The voice that shakes me now.
Is not the voice of an angry god
but the One who loves me so.

What is Your plan?
Where should I go?
What I do, belongs to You.
I hand it over now.

This mountain - not a roadblock
Just the way that I should take.
Sometimes the mountains 
Are His - amazing grace.

-Sometimes God brings us mountains in life where we thought a certain path had been. The mountains might seem as devastating as an avalanche. We might feel like it's not even worth it to get through it. The heavenly mountain might seem better, but in those thoughts where your fleshly mind is attacking your God-filled soul - listen to that voice that loves you. Surrender the way to Him. You will reach that heavenly mountain with the innumerable company of angels and those that you hold dear, but for now, work hard, remove the rocks from the path with God's help, and climb the mountain. His grace is taking you that way.

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