Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Mother's Heart

My baby's born, oh what bliss!
Hold him close
Give him a kiss.
I know He's different.
Born of man and not -

All who see Him
All who see Him
See a King -
I see my baby boy.

I hold these thoughts inside.
I ponder what will be.
The Son of God, the Christ,
My - baby
How can these things be?

I believe, and I know
I am scared yet joy-ful.
Such a mix of fears and tears these are!

The words come back to me-
"Highly favored - the Lord is with thee."
My words echo in my mind
"May it be."

My pondering thoughts
Don't doubt His sovereignty
My motherly thoughts
have some anxiety.

Yet He's the Christ
My son.
When will these things be?
How will it happen?
So many questions.
I will bear with silence.

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