Monday, March 9, 2015

Team Anderson

We have become out-of-the-box parents.

It's a necessity when you have a child with special needs.

The norm when a child is born is that the mom does most of the baby stuff.

She cares for the baby's needs - food, diaper, health, etc.

Having a child like Trenton was different. All of our abilities had to come into play.

My husband had been a pharmacy technician. He had no worries about measuring propranolol correctly, but me, if I were doing it would have to double check five times before giving it to him. Ryan gave the meds at first. I do it now too, but God knew my husband would need that experience to help care for Trenton.

Sometimes diapering with Trenton is a two person job. If one of us is not available. There is definitely a dance to keep your sanity by the time you're done.

Feeding is probably the most different. He is tube fed. We both feed him. We take turns.

Bathing is turning into a two person job. He is going to start doing the lifting in and out of the tub. 30 lbs of unsupported weight feels more like 60 lbs at times.

Trips to the doctor. Ryan has always been better with these even with Braydon. He doesn't get nervous like I do, and he does well with informing the doctors without talking their ear off during examination.

I say all of this for those who might not realize how different our lives might be compared to the norm. Trenton will probably always be with us. We pray he will walk, but it will be hard for him. There will be lifting and caring for him in every way for a long time. It's not the norm, but it's the way it has to be.

My husband is the leader and I am the keeper of home, but we are a team. All parenting really should be to some degree, but for us it came of necessity.

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