Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's so Amazing About Us?

Social media triggered a question in my mind today.

What's so amazing about individuals?

So often people are described as amazing for what they do. 

One person makes treasures from trash.

Another travels the world.

Another has overcome huge obstacles.

Another has raised a child with huge obstacles.

I feel at liberty to question these things, because sometimes people think that I must be some special person, just because God is having my husband and I raise a son with severe developmental disabilities. 

I've had doctors say that it takes a special person to raise kids like Trenton. No, it takes an amazing God to give us the grace.

Sometimes I think I'm too special. We all love ourselves. The Bible says that we are our own favorite person no matter how much we try to "humbly" say the opposite. 

What makes us amazing? 

It's the amazing God who created us. He put within each of us the desire to create something, because we are in the image of the Creator. 

What we create may be something simple yet complex. It might be a life. If that is the only thing you create in this life - you are doing something that God created you to do - you are like Him. 

Maybe you create poetry or write novels or essays. I love to write. God put that desire within me. Unfortunately, those who do not know Him use that gift He has given to do anything but glorify Him.

I love to draw, learn, and research. He put all of that within me. 

Sometimes people describe those who are in movies as amazing. Some of them do have an amazing talent. I can't imagine becoming a different person every year. I can't imagine memorizing so much material. Even though many do not use their ability for His glory, God put that ability within them for that purpose. 

What is so amazing about us?

We are in the image of an amazing God.

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