Tuesday, December 9, 2014

He Gives us Grace

As parents of those with special needs, it is easy to think we are an exception to some of the Bible's commands.

Parents of kids with special needs probably struggle more with fear and anxiety because there are more things to fear and be anxious about. There are more everyday worries about medical tests and the future. It is harder for us, but since it is God's Word, we still need to obey the command that says to not be anxious about anything.

When you have had two children spend 24-46 days in the NICU and one has a genetic condition, you might find yourself thinking you are an exception to the command that says to be fruitful and multiply. This is such a difficult one. Many people cannot have more children or it would be life threatening. I believe God understands these situations. I believe He also understands when someone has a child that takes up so much of their time, that it would be unfair to another child, or it would be unhealthy for you. I was reminded though by a godly individual that if we as Christians do not have children and raise them in a godly way, then there will not be godly people in the world. The fear of having another child with problems is really an unfounded fear. A child can be born perfectly happy and die of some unknown cause a few days later. The reality is that God is in control.

I'm not sure if I use my situation as an excuse for being in a bad mood, but I know there have been times when I use whatever situation I am in as an excuse for moodiness. It's not easy, but I know I need to not be "crabby," as we call it. It's especially convicting when your son requests prayer at school for mommy not to be crabby.

Another struggle might be in caring for our bodies. Fatigue gives way to overeating, and for some without the conviction against it, drinking alcohol in order to feel better. I tend to be one that enjoys snacking. I also have probably used my life situation as an excuse for not being in shape. I want to exercise, but I really do feel tired. The reality is that if I exercised, I would probably feel better. God wants us to take care of our body and not give in to what feels good to help us through our situations. Once you get into the habit of it, treating your body right does feel good.

I know we all have really difficult times. God gives us grace every day so that we can continue to follow Him. May we each use that grace that He offers.

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