Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maybe They See Angels

I believe in angels.

The Bible talks about angels in heaven, and I know that it also talks about a spiritual world that we cannot see.

I know there are times when God has protected me. I suppose I will never know if an angel did it, because I have never seen an angel as we picture them.

Sometimes I wonder though if our little ones can. Maybe it's a gift God gives to the very young or even to those suffering with special needs.

In the last several months, Trenton has started making a shape with his hands that we would call a bird or a butterfly. Those are two things, I'm not sure he has ever even seen a picture of. Today as I saw his joy as he made this shape with his hand, and I saw how he looked up, it made me wonder.

I wonder if somehow God lets him see angels. I often wonder what entertains him, since he will not really play with toys. He is almost always happy and content. Maybe God lets him have a little window into the angels' corner.

This week, three little children with CHARGE syndrome are in heaven.

They now enjoy the company of someone even more wonderful than the angels. They see the God who created them who now enjoys the company of them in their renewed bodies where they now have no pain.

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