Thursday, June 5, 2014

When we Respond Like Job's Wife

In a recent prayer meeting, I was reminded of the reaction of Job's wife to her trials. As most people, I had initially been judgmental of her. What kind of wife tells her hurting husband to "curse God and die"?  Those are some strong words. Since my initial response, there has been more written about Job, and more study has reminded us that she also lost her children and most of their wealth, not to mention the fact that her husband was hurting. Where could she turn?

Job is hailed in the Bible as a man who turned away from evil. His wife is not mentioned until we see her negative response. She might not have been strong. Perhaps she looked to Job for a great deal of her strength, and when Job was down, she felt lost. She may not have had that close relationship to God that Job had. She was still touched by the loss that Satan requested from God for Job, but Job was the one ultimately being tested. We have no idea of her ultimate response except to know that God did bless her. He gave them more children and more wealth. She too experienced the blessings of the Lord despite the fact that she did not respond in a God-honoring way.

We may not have used the exact words that Job's wife used in her trials, but some of us may have come close. None of us are beyond responding poorly in our trials. Although we don't know that Job's wife actually did repent of her wrong spirit, we see the contrast with Job, and we know that repentance is the right response.

When we cry out to God or lash out at those around us while we are hurting, it really just makes the hurt deeper. The grief we feel may be beyond words, and we may question the plan of God in our circumstances. In all of this, remember Job and his response. Look at his repentance, and look at his blessing.

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