Friday, June 13, 2014

Learning not to Take Offense

It is so easy to be offended. I have probably been one of the most guilty of this bad habit.

I know it seems like I'm writing a blog called, "Everything I Learned About Life, I Learned From my Child with Special Needs." Although that is not necessarily the case, there have been many lessons.

The one who has taught me the lesson of not taking offense, to some degree, is my son Trenton. It would be easy to be offended when I try to play with him and he rolls the other direction. At times it has been hard, but it is more of a sadness than being offended. My son doesn't know any better. All he knows is that I'm invading his bubble with some silly, bright colored toy. Or my long hair is tickling his face. He has gotten better with some things, and sometimes I think he is teasing me when he rolls over away from me. I have also learned not to let people offend me concerning him, and I'm sure that has helped with this general lesson.

The other day at the beach, we had Trenton in his stroller, and Braydon was walking with us. A man on the beach, stopped and told us that when his son was our son's age, he made him crawl on the beach. I was confused, because I figured he was talking about Braydon who was walking. I didn't think he could even see Trenton. We assumed later that he was talking about Trenton. It's one of those times that it would have been tempting to really put someone in their place. He was obviously ignorant of anything wrong with Trenton, but that's another lesson for us to always be aware before we open our mouths.

It's not as difficult to let these disappointments roll off my back. I've become accustomed to them What about the little things that still offend that have nothing to do with Trenton? It's so easy to think that people are thinking the worst of me. Sometimes if someone isn't your favorite person, you might even come up with little things that they said or did, so that you have more excuses not to like them. It sounds pretty bad, but I know I've been guilty of this often.

I think we have come to believe that being offended is our right. That is not really the Bible's take on this. The Bible talks about Christians being careful not to do things that might cause others to be offended, but He is not saying that the ones who are offended are correct. In 2 Corinthians 6, the Bible talks about us not taking offense for the sake of the ministry. In the ministry, you almost have to roll with the punches, but it is not an easy thing to do. There are many people in churches who do not have a filter with what they say.

Even with daily facing a son who doesn't reach for me or love my kisses as much as I would like, it can be a constant reminder to love others who offend who may be just as oblivious to their offensive behavior.

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