Saturday, May 3, 2014

When Life Doesn't Look Fair

Growing up in a Christian school, I had the reputation for being a "good" girl. I wasn't the life of the party, and if I ever did anything wrong, a huge deal was made, because I was a "good" girl. I admit that I was a judgmental person. I was judgmental, and at that time I may not have been really saved until my senior year. I was looking at what everyone around me was doing, and I thought I was a better kid.

It's never good to be judgmental, but sometimes it's hard not to judge or feel that life is not fair. Maybe like me, you were a "good" girl. Maybe you tried to always do the right thing and please the Lord. You may have gone off to college, married a good Christian man, and now even though you always seemed to do the right thing, things don't seem to work out for you.

Maybe you have tried for years to have children, and nothing is happening. Perhaps you look at old friends from high school and they have several beautiful, healthy children from several different fathers, some to whom they never married. It's hard not to become bitter over this. Maybe you have had children, but like me both were born with problems, and at least one has had serious issues. Maybe like one of my friends who has a child with serious special needs, you spend hours caring for a child who barely moves, but when he does, that is what you celebrate.

When life is like this for you, it is hard when you look around. You might look at those high school kids that you grew up with. Maybe the pictures they post are of them at worldly attractions "enjoying" the same old friends without their children by their side. As I know, it is easy not to have feelings of bitterness or jealousy creep in. Seeing the kids from high school still being the life of the party with nothing holding them down, can be hard. It's not that you want what they have or that you want them to have the trouble you experience. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair, and bitter thoughts can begin to creep in.

When you start to look at your life in comparison to the ones with whom you grew up or even to those around you who seem to just have everything work out, try to think about the eternal value of life. Don't go back to prideful thoughts that you have always been the "good"girl or boy, but remember that God gave you this life for a reason. Maybe he gave it to you because he knew you could handle it, but more than likely He gave you this life, because He knew you would grow because of it. Through these days, my weaknesses become more obvious, but my strengths may be as well.

When life looks unfair, try to look at it from God's perspective. His purpose is for Himself to be glorified and for us ultimately to be in heaven. Those friends who are enjoying "the good life" are probably missing out on things you don't see. Their life may not be as "good" as it looks. You don't see them when they go home depressed or discouraged that they gave in to old habits. You just see the smiles on Facebook.

Don't live for the present earthly experiences. Live for eternity. Live so that when you go to heaven, you have no regrets. Don't judge those who are not living that way. It's not your job, and you really do not know how good their life really is. Your job is to glorify God with the life you have been given.

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