Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Daily Grief without Sin

Most of would not consider ourselves grieving individuals.

Most of us would only consider grieving something that we do when we lose someone that we love in death, and that is definitely a time to grieve.

There are many of us though who encounter daily grief.

Do you spend time thinking about what might have been?
Do you spend time wishing for something in your life to be different?

Many people begin this line of thinking, and before they realize what has happened, they are in the depths of depression, and may end up taking medication to try and overcome the pain. Unfortunately, these people are going about handling these questions in the wrong way. These questions can eventually lead to physical and mental problems, but if looked at correctly from the beginning, these problems can be avoided.

Grieving over loss is normal. Christ grieved. But when we grieve with these questions, we are grieving like those who do not have hope in Christ.

Sadness is okay.

Worry, fear, and anxiety are sin, and that is where these two questions come into play. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of distance between sadness and these other thoughts/feelings. The bridge from one to the other is quickly crossed if we are not on guard.

Everyday grief might be something that you know well. It might be the constant pain associated with illness or the constant reminder of a child who is with you but not the child that you had expected. This grief can be associated with regrets in relationships, financial status, and any number of areas. Daily grief must be approached correctly, so that it does not turn into sin.

So how can you grieve like Christ?

Think like Christ.

Christ was saddened at the thought of being separated from His Father. He was saddened when His friend Lazarus died. He did not however despair at these losses. He knew the truth.

He knew who He was, and that the sovereignty of Himself made everything okay. He knew the end, and we know the end too

We know that all things happen to ultimately glorify Christ in heaven. All roads lead to this destination if you are a Christian. The trials of life should seem so small as the old hymn says, not just when we see Christ, but when we have the ultimate goal of Christ in our daily lives.

Your grief over loss may be strong, but God's purposes are stronger, and He will help you to grieve like Himself with the purpose of glorifying God through this trial.

This is hard.

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