Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Never-ending Trial

When we talk about trials, usually we think of something that comes into our lives that we need to endure until it is over. At some point, we assume it will be.

The reality as I write this is that many of our trials are never-ending. Or should I say on this side of heaven that they are never-ending. Some trials only end when we go to heaven.

The cancer that keeps coming back -

The child who has new negative behaviors-

The sickness that returns for no apparent reason-

The pain that is constant -

All trials produce patience, but it is those trials that we know in our heart will not end until heaven that often produce a combination of grief in our hearts and God-made patience that we think should give us enough for a lifetime.

And then comes the next aspect of a trial and we realize that we still need more patience. We never arrive - until we truly have arrived in heaven.

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