Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't be Surprised by Underlying Stress

Most of us would not announce that we are under stress. As a Christian, being stressed is sometimes considered sinful, and to some degree it can be a sin to let stress overtake your life to the degree that you have sinful behaviors.

Underlying stress, however, is something that is hard to control. It's always there, and you just might not think about until you see that the appointment on the calendar is getting closer, or you see your child do "something" that could mean he is coming down with a problem. You might not think about it until the day you will be playing a piano solo, or the night before your 20 week ultrasound. It's been there though. It's been in the back of your mind, and that means that it has been affecting your body.

You could have a headache all day before an appointment, or maybe you have a funny feeling deep in your stomach for weeks. You might feel achy and tired. All of these are symptoms of underlying stress.

As a parent of a child with special needs, I think it has become a part of life. I know I had it before Trenton was born, but now, it is often there. Some days I feel like it ages me, and it probably does. The longer the time between stressful situations, the better you will probably feel. It is a blessing from the Lord when there long periods of good sleep and many days where you feel "together." I have to say that I am probably the biggest failure in handling underlying stress, but as with most of my posts, that's why I'm writing. I want to help you and me.

Is there a cure for underlying stress? God is really your only help for it besides good health habits, and even He does not promise our trials will disappear. This underlying stress does not need to control us, make us angry, or sick, but it it often does. If we know it is there, and we know it could come, then we can be ready for it. Don't be surprised by it. It might not be on a schedule, or it might be like my son's abdominal migraines. If you know that a stressful situation is going to be on your plate, do relaxing exercises, eat right, take B-12, and omega 3, and most of all seek the Lord. Be ready to confront the stress head on with an attitude of courage and surrender. God is so merciful to give us times of rest, but His grace will carry us through the other times.

The stress will be there, it's part of the curse. It's part of life on this failing earth, but God is bigger.

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