Thursday, December 19, 2013


Pain is something that is hard to understand. We all have or will experience it on some level in our lifetime. We may experience pain in many different forms. Sometimes it might be emotional pain, and other times it might be physical. At times the pain may be a combination of the two in so much that it feels like it is all physical in nature. Your anxiety of the moment might be so pungent that the sadness, fear, and anger you are experiencing is like a fire in your soul melting your heart. It sounds dramatic, but some of you may know what I am talking about.

Some people seem to experience more pain than others. Some might on the outside appear to have it all together. They may have a healthy family, good job, beautiful house, and a smile always on their face. On the other hand, you might be someone who has one or more children with physical, emotional, or a combination of difficulties. Your health may be poor, and you may be poor financially. You might be weighed down by the trials associated with all of this in combination with just keeping up with life. All of this might be so much that you might look at someone else who seems to have it all together and envy them. You might hear them complain about their child having an issue, and you might have bitter thoughts, because in your mind your pain is so much worse than theirs.

This line of thinking will not lead to joy. It will only lead to a bitter spirit. It is so easy to think this way. It is so easy to compare our pain to someone else's. As you struggle with this, try to look past those that bring these bitter thoughts to mind. Remember that things are not always as they seem, but they could be. It is entirely possible and fair for one person to have fewer problems than another. Rather than grow bitter at this, we can become better by realizing that there is a reason God chose us to experience the pain that we are experiencing.

Mary was chosen to experience the pain of giving birth to the Son of God who would one day die. No one knows exactly how much she knew about what Christ would do before it happened, but as a mother she surely knew something. The pain we experience today is nothing compared to the pain suffered by Christ as He chose to die a painful death but even worse to have our sins placed on Him, and have His Father turn away from Him in those last moments.

Maybe those of us who seem to have more pain in life need it so that the thought of heaven will be more desireable. Maybe we are too focused on the world and it's joys, that we need some pain to keep our eyes on something greater. Maybe God made us differently for the specific purpose of handling our specific pain. I'm sure He did.

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