Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When Answers Come

In a life filled with the mysteries of rare genetic disorders and illnesses, isn't it nice when answers come? In general, answers are a good thing, because they bring order, even when news is not good.

So often as Christians, we are told that we might never know why. This is true. Isn't it great, when God allows us to have some answers?

I know God gave me the mind I have to help deal with Trenton. I know I've been thought to be strange because I do look at things differently. I make connections, I research, and I always have had to figure things out. This can be detrimental to your spiritual life when you need to be living by faith, but when it comes to helping figure out medical problems or issues like this, it is an asset.

People that follow my posts on facebook may have noticed how often I requested prayer for our son getting sick. It was happening once a month almost since we moved to New York State. That's not a jab at the state! It just happened that way. I did not really pay much attention, because I thought it was just a cold. He has odd cold symptoms not typical of most people.

After really starting to think about the pattern that was developing, I started researching, talking to others, and I started to get answers. We are pretty sure that Trenton has been getting abdominal migraines also known as cyclic vomiting syndrome. It explains the about once a month vomiting at the same time every month for about the same length of time. Why did it start when we moved here? Well, we have an answer for that too! Trenton was taking beta blockers for his heart, and around the time we moved here, he had a growth spurt. The cardiologist said that he had outgrown the meds and no longer needed them for his heart. Turns out, beta blockers are a treatment for abdominal migraines! More answers, and we haven't even been to the doctor yet. One more discovery is that the migraines are often caused by the chemical histamine. Perhaps you have heard of anti-histamines that help allergy symptoms. Trenton is one big allergy symptom. If you have ever seen him, you might notice he usually has a snotty nose. It's not because we don't care enough to wipe it. It's because if we wiped it every time, it might cease to exist! Anyway, around the time of one of his episodes with vomiting, his nose is especially runny, but then when the main sickness begins, he completely dries up. I'm no doctor, but I believe this must have something to do with a histamine issue in the nose and the stomach. The stomach is also affected by histamines, so I think he may be getting to much during these times. He already takes an acid reducer, but there is another type that is called an H2 Histamine blocker. I'm going to talk to the GI doctor about switching to this type to see if it will prevent the illness. I love answers, and it's wonderful when we get them.

God is not against us having answers to our problems. Spiritually, He sent the best answer to the world's problems in the form of a sinless baby Jesus who would grow up, die the cruelest death of the day, and rise from the grave. He is still the answer today to all of our problems. In the trials of the day that are not spiritual, He is still the answer, because He is our hope. We know that if we love Him, He is working everthing out for our good. We won't always have the answers, but I am so thankful for the times when He allows us to have them. He is God and He is the Answer.

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