Wednesday, October 23, 2013

He Lives in Wonder

He lives in wonder, like the light
Of coloured leaves and bright-blue-gray skies;
And all that is best of young and old
Meet in his smile and his eyes;
Thus brightening the dark of night
A gift from Him on whom we do rely.
adapted by Stephanie Anderson from Lord Byron's She Walks in Beauty
I felt like writing, but I could think of nothing. For some reason the title of the poem She Walks

in Beauty came to mind, so I decided to adapt it to our Trenton. Wonder is something that

easily describes him. He is often in wonder at that which I cannot see. A friend recently posted

that her baby was acting as if he could see something that she could not. The world beyond is a

mystery, and perhaps our innocent children can somehow sense the wonder of God. It is

afterall in nature and we should recognize it (Romans 1). Since we can only wonder at the

wonder which we see in the eyes of our children, we must simply trust that God has made them

happy, and that is what is so great.

So many people are unhappy today, so to see the joy of what seems to be nothing is definitely

something. Taking the time to notice the wonder around us is perhaps something that is lost to

those of us who might not be considered special or to those of us that are no longer children.

Wonder was once there. Before the fall, we would have all seen all things with a sense of

glory to God and wonder at His creation. We have lost it.

The fall season is a time to regain this wonder. Although other seasons also display the glory of

God clearly, the fall displays the artistic hand of God. As an artist, I guess that is why I love the

fall. The hills are painted in muted hues of orange, green, and gold against the back-drop of

that bright-blue-gray sky of the season. Don't lose the wonder that your children still see.

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