Wednesday, September 25, 2013

For Such a Time as This

I don't think my life has been "typical." Maybe everyone feels the same way. I know the Lord has been preparing the way for me to deal with every circumstance that will cross my path.
My life has been one of twists and turns, jobs that worked for a time, and for a purpose, and jobs that continue to provide. Interests that were never meant to be degrees but were only meant to lead me to be more of a researcher or inquisitive. All of these things preparing me for the here and now, and the here and now is preparing me for the future.
I know people who would not believe a word of this. The verse stating that all things work for our ultimate good is likely passed off as a lie to them, since so many bad things happen to people who really are pretty good. If you have trusted Christ as your Savior, then you know differently. You know that bad things do happen to the good and the bad, because in God's eyes, none of us are really good except for through Christ. Children are born with rare disorders. Parents lose sleep. People die of cancer. Bad things do happen to Christians, and perhaps they happen especially to Christians. It is those of us who have trusted Christ who have a purpose in our trials. God's purpose is to make us pure and able to glorify Him.
This poem is one that I started back when I moved to Greenville, SC to finish my Bachelor's degree. I was fairly alone except for a few people that I knew. I came without a job with the hope of getting one that I had looked into. I got the job as a nanny for a girl with cerebral palsy and her sister. I lived off campus, so I didn't really have friends. I made some, but I was older than average having sat out for two years. I had to depend on the Lord, and He brought me out stronger. I began writing this back then, and last night I finished it, because now I see that time was for a purpose-
For such a time as this
For Such a Time as This 
Sometimes life seems to turn like pages -changing every other day
But knowing it is God's hand that does the turning -
Allows me to say...
"For such a time as this, I'm here.
Change me, make me a vessel for you. "

Sometimes this life's vessel seems so frail
Weaknesses and cracks show through,
So thankful that in his plan...
He knows how to make all things new

In those days of frail contempt or sinful discontent,
His strong hands pick me up -
His care is evident.
With His help, I'm soon renewed
Life's vessel fit once more...

For such a time as this,
To be filled, poured out, and used
to glorify my Lord.

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