Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Risk of Living Your Faith Outloud

The title of this blog today might sound strange to you. I doubt however that it would have sounded strange to Job in the Bible.

Job lived his faith outloud, and Satan himself took notice. Job prayed for his children and sacrificed offerings for their sins. Satan took notice and made a challenge, because Job lived as a Christian so that others could see it. Satan is not omnipresent, but he does have helpers, and between him and them, we are in an unseen battle that often can become an oppressive one.

Last night I was lying in bed thinking and praying about how I need to praise the Lord outwardly about how great Trenton has been doing the last couple of weeks. The recent tummy problems had almost stopped, and he's been seeming so well. When I thought of doing this though, fear overwhelmed me. It might seem like something strange to be afraid of, but I have found lately that whenever I mention him doing well with something, that problem starts happening again or something he had never had happen begins to take place. It was late, and I think around that point I fell asleep.

In the early morning, Trenton started waking up being gaggy and did get sick. He had this problem a few times today, and he has a cold. Some might say that I am superstitious. I'm really not. But I do believe in the spiritual battle that is taking place.

I'm not saying that Satan and God were talking about my fears of sharing triumphs, but I believe that the more we live our faith outloud, the more "at risk" we are for experiencing trials. It might be because Satan or his demons takes notice and God allows it for our ultimate good and His glory.

I guess what we need to keep in mind is that living our faith outloud has far greater (better) consequences than our trial. That trial, according to James, produces patience, and when we let patience have her perfect work, the book of James says that we will be "perfect and entire, wanting nothing." If we let our trials do what God ultimately intended for them to do, then we will eventually be what we should be.

Let's not be afraid of the risk - Let's live our faith outloud.

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