Monday, May 6, 2013

Letting Yourself Go

My weight has been a concern of mine for years. I have always been one to try new health food tricks as well as various exercise programs. Some of them worked and some didn't. I find that if I'm not careful, I can go up 25 lbs without paying much attention. When I became pregnant with Trenton, I wanted to stay in shape and then get in very good shape after he was born. I did pretty well during the pregnancy, but then after it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. Some of it I blame on a lack of discipline, a lack of time (desire to do something else), and just the desire for food for enjoyment.

If you are going through a difficult time where there is stress with the health of a child or even a spouse, you probably find yourself eating to get rid of stress. Some foods do make you feel better. Comfort food can really bring you a good feeling, but none of that comfort is lasting. Cake and cookies taste good when you eat them, but most likely you may begin to feel a sense of guilt if you give in to the habit of eating for comfort. You might be gaining weight, and now when you eat a cookie, you know you should be more careful, but the desire for enjoyment outweighs your desire to be fit. You know you should be exercising, but the moments that you have when you are not busy with your child or loved one, you just feel like relaxing on the couch with coffee and a cookie. It's a battle to be disciplined, but I know it can be done.

It has been a year now since Trenton was born, and it is time for me to get myself back where I need to be. It is all about balance. I'm going to eat some sweets, but I'm not going to eat so much. I'm going to start exercising again. Exercise can actually give you the same good feelings that food can give. It's hard to imagine when you are working hard, but I remember those times when I was exercising consistently, and I did feel good without having to go to food. It is important on this journey to include your relationship with Christ. Pray and ask him for help.

If you are struggling to get up off the couch to do anything other than help the people who need you, then maybe you need to change your mindset and get up. It might just take one time getting up to exercise to help you realize that you can do it. You are not alone in your journey to get fit again. The Bible says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

If you have lived long with a special needs child or chronically ill family member, you need to think of them, but you also need to think of you. They need you to be healthy so that you can care for them. You need to be healthy to glorify God in your body which is God's. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost if you are a Christian. As I say this, I am speaking to myself, because I am just beginning my journey toward being fit again. Letting yourself go will only lead to more problems.

If you need help on your journey, feel free to send me a message.

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