Thursday, May 23, 2013

Go With It

As I was struggling with trying to figure out why Trenton is going through this rough patch, I was reminded of something that was said at the memorial service of a friend. His father stood in front of the congregation that knew him well, and he was able to talk about his son's illness. His son had struggled 15 years with an illness that eventually led to his death. His father said that he had never tried to figure out why the illness was happening, he just wanted to help his son. That came to mind today, and I realized, that I just have to go with it. I just have to do the daily things to care for him, and eventually, hopefully, he will outgrow these issues, or the right solution will come along.

After Trenton's birth, I had avoided reading about CHARGE syndrome. I knew that there was a lot to know about this syndrome, but the variety of issues that are out there are so varied, I didn't think it would be helpful. I was right. Not long ago, I joined a few groups of those with CHARGE. In some ways I feel like it could be good if I could be a good testimony, but that is what this blog is for. What I found by reading about kids with CHARGE is that it mainly brought frustration. Sometimes knowledge isn't a good thing when it is not necessarily true of your own child. I learned tidbits of knowledge here and there, but overall, it caused more harm than good. I need to filter what I read about His problems.

There is something to be said for being prepared and knowing what to expect. The problem with this is that it leaves God out of the equation and focuses on what has happened in the past or what science predicts. God is in control of all things. Right now things are difficult, but we know that the trying of our faith produces patience which ultimately should produce spiritual growth. This spiritual growth is not easy, but we know that all things work together for the good of our spiritual lives. The knowledge of these truths from God's Word should uphold us during difficult times. Thanks for your prayers. I know there are so many in worse situations than ours, but prayers are still appreciated.

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