Wednesday, January 30, 2013

God Supplied Your Special Need Because it was Your Need

Tonight I saw a session of Quieting a Noisy Soul done by Jim Berg. I've watched the videos before, but it has been a while, and he said something that I had forgotten. The discussion was on how we are unbelieving, and that brings  discontentment. That in turn brings about anger or anxiety which can turn into despair.

One of the things we often end up despairing about is that we are not getting what we "need." We have lust for the things that we do not have, or when we are giving something unpleasant, we are discontented in our circumstances. We might say, "I don't need this right now!" This statement is untrue. According to Philippians 4:19, everything we have is what we need. It says, "But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

So what about your child who was born with Downs Syndrome, CHARGE syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, brain damage, or has some other debilitating problem from birth or even later in life? How can we possibly say that such a thing is provided by God as a need? This is difficult sometimes even when you have a personal relationship with Christ. I heard the bad things in life explained in this way: God did not create these terrible problems. Any problem that I have listed above or others not mentioned originated with sin. Before sin, there was no disease. God did not create disease, but it is part of the punishment for sin. The sin that Adam and Eve committed, and the sin that we are guilty of, and that is in each of us. This does not mean that when someone has a child with disabilities that they are being punished. So  many people think this way, but it is far from the truth. Even though God did not create these problems, He does use them for His glory. He knows what we need, and when He says He will supply all of our needs, He is not leaving out the things that may at times feel unpleasant.

If you are struggling with illness of your own or of a family member, this is something to remember. God gives us what we need, and only what we need. We have to take what seems good with the bad and grow from it. I know this is easy to say, but hard to do.

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